5th Annual National Debate Team Tryouts Webpage


Tryouts for the next Moroccan National Debate Team (MNDT 2018) will be held in September 2017 in Casablanca and 8 will be chosen to be trained from October 2017 to August 2018, to compete in the 2018 WSDC and one other international tournaments. 4 students will be chosen for the Senior Team and 4 for the Junior Team. Both teams will compete in international tournaments but the senior team will attend the WSDC 2018.

Students will have to undergo a small workshop in the World Schools (WSDC) debate format, an interview, public speaking speeches, and individual & team debates. The process as this is a full-day event. Having experience in public speaking, debate and/or MUN is helpful but not necessary, students with and without experience have been selected in the past.

The 5th MNDT will be chosen by our coaching staff, adjudicators and invited national selectors.

Tryout Dates: September 22-24th, 2017
(There will be 3 different tryout days but students only have to attend one day. You will be notified of which day to come in after we receive your application)
Registration Deadline: September 16th at 22:00


1. Must be: 13 to 18 years old by 09/2017.
2. Must be a high school (secondary school) student in Morocco. 
3. Must have an Intermediate to Advanced speaking level in English. 
4. Must be able to attend two full-day training sessions per month. (See below)
(1 session will be online & the other will be in a city to be determined after tryouts. If the majority of the selected students for the national team live in the southern half of Morocco, training sessions will be in Marrakech but if the majority live in the northern half, training will be conducted in Casablanca.)

Ideal Candidate

A) A hardworking individual who likes to stays up-to-date on current affairs.
B) Obtained approval from parents.
C) Maintains a healthy relationship with teachers and is respectful at all times. 

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