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Moroccan National Public Speaking Team

The Moroccan National Public Speaking Team is for high school & university students Moroccans living in Morocco or aboard. The team will be have professionally trained once a week, 2 hours per week. The team aims to train and compete in international and world public speaking competitions in the Asia, Africa and Europe, such as the WIDPSC (World Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championship), AIDSPC (African Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championship, World Poetry Slam, ESU International Public Speaking Competition and much much more! The students will participate in international competitions aboard (in-person) and online! 

The team will be coached by Soufiane Choubani (Founder of the Moroccan National Debate Team, Morocco Debate Association, Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp, African Schools Debate Council and many more public speaking clubs in Morocco, Ukraine, Japan and Poland). He was also awarded “The Best Debate Coach of Morocco” award in 2014. He was also the finals judge at the 2022 (online) & 2023 (in-person) World Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championships! Finally, he has won many Toastmaster public speaking competitions in Japan, Ukraine and Poland!

The students will be trained in public speaking, impromptu speaking, speech writing, interpretive reading, persuasive speaking and much more!


a) Register by filling out the form below

b) We invite you for an online tryout

c) After being accepted, pay the monthly membership fee and one time registration fee of 30 euros

d) training as a team starts immediately after!


Open To: high school & university students (Moroccans living in Morocco or aboard)
Registration Deadline: ASAP (we will stop accepting applications once the team is full)


1. There is a fee of 60 Euros per month (via PayPal) to be part of the team, which covers the training, team uniform and participation fees for international competitions. 

2. The monthly membership fee is collected every 3 months.

3. The membership fee allows you to participate in all Morocco Debate Association events for free, such as the Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp, Mediterranean Schools Debating Championship and much more!  

University Division

Amal Zakani

From: Rabat
School: Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Rabat

Rihab Maaroufi

From: Berrechid
School: ENCG Settat

Adam Ouaghad

From: Berrechid

School: ENCG Settat

Speaker 4



High School Division

Yasmine Nouri

From: Rabat
School: Colegio Español de Rabat

Ahmed Ait Ounejjar

From: Casablanca
School: London Academy Casablanca

Jad Senhaji

From: Rabat

School: Colegio Español de Rabat

Speaker 4
From (TBA) – School (Name)

Speaker 5

From (TBA) – School (Name)

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