2022 Mediterranean Schools Debating Championship


Morocco Debate Association is excited to host the Mediterranean Schools Debating Championship (MSDC) this November. MSDC will have two divisions one for high school teams and one for middle school teams. There will be 3 rounds of debate in the preliminary round and then a break to the quarter finals.

Dates: November 5-6 (Preliminary rounds)
Format: World Schools (3 speakers per team)
Registration Fees: 20USD per debater
Platforms: Zoom & Discord
Registration Deadline: October 14th, 2022
MAX CAP: 50 teams
Convenor: Soufiane Choubani
Equity Officer: Henry Kofi
CAP: Maison Pieterson Maphosa, Kallina Basli & Ruth Selorme Acolatse

ROUND 1 Prepared Motion: THS countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court in order to create their own regional replacements (e.g. an African Criminal Court, an InterAmerican Criminal Court)

*Best Speaker will receive a medal.

*Champion team will receive a physical trophy and e-certificates. We will cover the costs.

*All participants will receive e-certificates.

Team Registration:

IA & CAP Application:

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