Juniors Public Speaking Club


Moroccan Juniors Public Speaking Club

The Moroccan Juniors Public Speaking Club is for 7 to 12 year olds Moroccans living in Morocco or aboard. The club will be have professionally trained once a week, 2 hours per week. The club aims to train the next generation of the Best Moroccan Public Speakers! The second aim of this club to have some of the students join our Moroccan National Debate Team once they become of high school age and/or represent Morocco at the World Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championship! The students will participate in international competitions aboard and online!

The club will be coached by Soufiane Choubani (Founder of the Moroccan National Debate Team, Morocco Debate Association, Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp, African Schools Debate Council and many more public speaking clubs in Morocco, Ukraine, Japan and Poland).

The students will be trained in public speaking, impromptu speaking, speech writing, interpretive reading, persuasive speaking and much more!

Open To: 7 to 12 year olds (Moroccans living in Morocco or aboard)
Registration Deadline: ASAP (we will stop accepting applications once the club is full)
PLEASE NOTE: There is a fee of 60 Euros per month (via PayPal) to be part of the club!

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Contact Email: MoroccoDebate@gmail.com or Coach@TeamMorocco.org