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World Speech Day promotes live public speaking events in over 100 nations. We encourage people everywhere to make speeches and share ideas. We have partner schools across the globe: young people find a voice and shape the world. Across the site you will see videos and photos of WSD events, locally organised, in many different cultures and situations, but all using the simple power of speech to bring change and build world citizenship.
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The aim of the ASDC is to be a first of its kind continental organization that comes to together in the mutual belief that debate in Africa needs to be promoted and strengthened. The ASDC also focusses on supporting new national teams in Africa and strengthening schools debating on the continent.


The Cosmos Championship is a global, virtual debating platform for high school students of any skill level. Almost every week, they host several debates to accommodate all of the regions of the world. For experienced debaters, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect training ground to practice debating on an international stage in order to expand your frontiers and become a better debater. You also get the opportunity to try out different formats!For participants who are new to debating, The Cosmos Championship acts as the perfect platform to try debating out in a low pressure and social environment, while engaging with people who live thousands of Kilometers away.




This platform enables you not only to debate wherever you are,
but also to debate with whomever you want to.

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