Support The Best Public Speakers & Debaters in Morocco!



All sponsorship funds go towards the flight tickets and participating fees (hotel & food) for our delegates. Interested sponsors, please contact us (in French, Arabic or English) for more information.


Donations can be made in person at our office in Casablanca or by using PayPal with the email listed below. All donations go toward covering the expenses of the coaching staff, who not only manage the national team but also organize and host all of our events which are geared towards the Moroccan youth and promoting free speech, international understanding and critial thinking skills.
We also have special scholarship programs where individuals or companies can sponsor a student (who otherwise would not have been able to afford and qualify) to attend our summer camp (Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp) or an international competition.


Please click on the image below. donation button

Special Thanks To:

(1) The Moroccan Ambassador to Indonesia for visiting us in Singapore


(2) Mr. Ho Cheow Teck (Moroccan Honorary Consul in Singapore) for taking us out for lunch in Singapore


(3) The Moroccan Embassy to Denmark for visiting us in Copenhagen


(4) His Excellency Mr. Karim MEDREK (Moroccan Ambassador to Australia) for the congratulatory letter


(5) Mr. Ross Meurant (Moroccan Honorary Consul in New Zealand) for the congratulatory letter

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MNDT Wall of Supporters!

The MNDT would like to thank the following people for their very generous contributions. Thank You for believing in us!!


Alia Kate (USA)
Yerry A. (USA)
Forat Sabih (England)
Noureddine Choubani (USA)


Noureddine Choubani (USA)
Ho Cheow T. (Singapore)


Nisrine Assaka (Morocco)
Imad Baazizi (Morocco)
Alysha D. (USA)
Rim Meknessai (Morocco)
Omar B. (Morocco)


Alysha D. (USA)
Saliden N. (France)


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