Morocco Debate Association Outreach Program

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Our national coaching staff strongly believes that everyone in Morocco should have the chance to learn how to debate at least once in their life and therefore, we volunteer as much as possible all throughout Morocco to offer free workshops on debating and public speaking. We have volunteered our time and knowledge to public and private universities and schools and other events/camps throughout Morocco. We strive to enable as many Moroccans as possible to learn the power of words and find their voice. Our commitment is 30 hours of outreach workshops per year and we have reached this goal each year for three years!
Through this program and as of 04/2017, we’ve been able to reach around 800 Moroccans who otherwise may have not had the chance to learn how to speak and/or debate. In total, we have travelled around 2200 miles to volunteer over 95 hours of workshops in the following cities.
Agadir, Casablanca (6x), Fez (2x), Ifrane, Kenitra, Khouribga, Marrakech (4x), Mohamedia, Rabat (2x), Tanger (3x) & Safi.

Tanger, 2014


Kenitra, 2016


Khouribga, 2016


Casablanca, 2017

Want to help? Make a donation or sponsor a workshop and feel proud for supporting a new generation of leaders in Morocco!
Please feel free to contact us to schedule a workshop with live demonstrations at MoroccoDebate@Gmail.com

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