Coaching Staff


of The (MNDT) Moroccan National Debate Team


Founder & President: Soufiane Choubani


Soufiane is the brainchild behind the MNDT, MYDC and MDA. He is also back-to-back national university debate championship coach with 42 wins and only 3 losses in the Moroccan university debate circuit since 2013. He was first introduced to debate and public speaking in high school´s competitive Model United Nations club, a club which is ranked in the top 10 in USA. He now has over 7 years of experience coaching public speakers and debaters with several titles and national best speakers. He was the first person to introduce to World Schools Style (WSS) format to Morocco and North Africa. In 2014 was awarded The Best Coach in Morocco award just months before he founded the MNDT and led them to the 2014 World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC). The MNDT has remained as one of the top 3 teams in Africa under his leadership. 
WSDC 2014 (Thailand) & WSDC 2015 (Singapore) Head Coach
Moroccan Regional & National Tournament 2013 & 2014 Champion
UMYD 2014 (USA-Maghreb Youth Debates) Champion – Team Morocco 
Best Debate Coach in Morocco Award – 2014
MODT (Moroccan Open Debate Team Champion) – 2014
[Debating Experience]
KK-Cup (Japan) – 2018
Nagoya Debate Open (Japan) – 2018
Franklin High School Model United Nations Club (USA) – 1999/2001
[Adjudicator Experience]
NSDA Morocco Policy & LD Debate – 2013/2016
UMYD 2014 USA-Maghreb Youth Debates
ASI International Tournament 2015 Chief Adjudicator 
PDAWC 2018 World Congress (Japan)
PDAWC 2017 World Congress (Japan) Grand Final 

Head Coach: Robert


(Member since 08/2019)
Rob joined the MNDT in August 2019 and has 21 years of debate and public coaching experience He is also the NSDA Oregon Speech Educator of the Year in 2018.
[Debating Experience]
NFHS Section 8 National Speech, Debate and Theatre Teacher of the Year, 2011-2012
OSAA State Speech 4A/3A/2A/1A, 1st place team 2003, 2010, 2011, 2012
NSDA World Schools Tournament, 2nd place team, 2015
[Adjudicator Experience]

Assistant Online Coach: Jaya


(Member since 01/2017)
Jaya, along with Souradip, are the founders of Debate India and co-coached Team India at the WSDC 2016 to the quarter finals and had the 3rd Best ESL Speaker. She also co-coached IIT Bombay and NLSIU at the 2017 WUDC, with both teams breaking and IIT Bombay becoming the first Indian team to make it to octa finals. 
Co-Founder of Debate India
WUDC 2017 Registration Officer
WSDC 2016 (Germany) Team India Co-Coach
WUDC 2017 (Holland) IIT Bombay & NLSIU Co-Coach
AWSDC 2017 (Thailand) Novice Champion Co-Coach
[Debating Experience]
NAULS PD 2017, MSRMPD 2016 Champion
RVDT 2016, VIT Debate 2015 Finalist
SMC Debate Semi-Finalist
[Adjudicator Experience]
Asian British Parliamentary (BP) Debate Championships (Malaysia) 201
Asian Schools Debating Championship – ASDC (Malaysia) 2016 Grand Final
Shanghai International Debate FInals, 2016
Beijing Debate Challenge 2016 Semi-Final 

Assistant Online Coach: Souradip


(Member since 01/2017)
Souradip has lots of experience as a debater, coach and adjudcator and was actually the first Indian to make it to the knock-out rounds at the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) as a debater and adjudcator. He also co-coached Team India at the WSDC 2016 (broke 12th in world) and IIT Bombay and NLSIU at the 2017 WUDC, with both teams breaking and IIT Bombay becoming the first Indian team to make it to quarter finals. 
Co-Founder of Debate India
WSDC 2016 (Germany) Team India Co-Coach
WUDC 2017 (Holland) IIT Bombay & NLSIU Co-Coach
AWSDC 2017 (Thailand) Novice Champion Co-Coach
[Debating Experience]
Asian BP Championships (Bangledash) 2011 Octa-Finalist
WUDC 2014 (India) Octa-Finalist
Colgate Open (USA) 2014 Octa-Finalist
[Adjudicator Experience]
WUDC 2015 (Malyasia) Quarter Finals 
COEP 2017, SIDO 2017 & MIT 2016 Cheif Adjudicator

Coach: Kaoutar

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(Member since 09/2017)
Kaoutar, who is 22 years old and based in Meknes, is the newest member of our coaching staff.
[Public Speaking Experience]
SpeaKalam Public Speaking Camp – 2016

Assistant Coach: Yousra


(Member since 09/2016)
Yousra, only 16 years old and based in Casablanca, is on her last year of high school at Lycee Leon African. She has represented Team Morocco internationally on two competitions, both having proved an asset to her team. 
[Public Speaking Experience]
Moroccan Speakers Club Impromptu Speech Contest
[Debating Experience]
MYDC 2017 (Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp) Coach
MYDC 2016 (Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp) Debater
MNDT 2017 National Debater 
NSDC 2017 (Denmark) Debater 
IPPF 2016 (USA) (International Public Policy Forum) Competitor

Student Advisor: Mohammed


(Founding Debater/2014)
Mohammed was not only a member of the first MNDT that travel to Thailand to participate in the WSDC 2014, but was also the captain of the 2015 and 2016 national teams. He has been a pioneer to his nation and North Africa, not only for the MNDT but also for his high school debate team, Amicitia, which he represented for the first time at the NSDA Nationals tournament in 2015 and 2016.  
[Debating Experience]
MYDC 2014 (Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp) Debater
NAIMUN 2014 (North African International Model United Nations) Delegate 
WSDC 2014 (Thailand) Team Morocco Debater
WSDC 2015 (Singapore) Team Morocco Captain
MODT 2015 (Moroccan Open Debate Tournament) Champion
NSDA Morocco 2014 & 2015 Policy Debate National Champion
NSDA Nationals 2015 & 2016 (USA) Morocco District Qualifier 
NSDA Morocco 2015 National Best Speaker 



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(Member since 10/2014)
Jonathan, based in Rabat, works as an English Teacher and freelance film director in Rabat. He has been one of our most favorite judges since the team was formed and is always willing to help out when he can.
SIST University Debate League (BP Format) Adjudicator – 2012/2013
MODT 2014 (Moroccan Open Debate Tournament) Grand Finals Adjudicator
GNC 2015 (Girls National Cup) 


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(Member since 01/2017)
Zineb, based in Rabat, is our newest member to our team of adjudicators.. She is a second year student in Mohammed V University (English major) and a staff photographer for Humans of Morocco. 
NSDC 2017 (Denmark) Adjudicator

Founding-Coach News Article

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Interested in joining our coaching staff as a coach or adjudicator? Send your debate/public speaking CV to our head coach at and we will get back to you within a few days. 
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