Poetry Slam Contest


Welcome to the official page of the first ever Morocco Debate Association Poetry Slam Contest! A poetry slam is a competitive arts event in which poets perform spoken word poetry before a live audience and a panel of judges. Our competition will be completely online! There is no set theme for this competition therefore, you can use any theme you want! We aim to host the second edition live in Marrakech! The deadline to submit your speech is June 5th.

2022 Poetry Slam Contest

  • Open to all nationalities, in Morocco or aboard.
  • Must be a high school or university student.
  • Speech must be less than 5 minutes long
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube (must be a public viewable video)
  • Video must be titled “your name” + Morocco Debate Association Contest. Example: John Doe Morocco Debate Association Poetry Slam Contest
  • Email link of video to MoroccoDebate@gmail.com
  • Must include your full name, age & name of your school or organization in the email.

*Winner will be decided by our panel of judges.

*Winner will receive a certificate & a personalized medal (with your name on it) or a personalized t-shirt. Winner will decide. We will cover the costs.

*Winning poet will be featured on our social media accounts.

*Everyone will receive a certificate.

*Participation is free!

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#MoroccoPoetrySlam #ISlamThereforeIAm